Patch 10.0.7 contains a new campaign entry which further confirms we’re going underground in Patch 10.1.

Back in July 2022 during early Dragonflight Alpha datamining, someone forgot to delete a description that revealed an underground zone planned for Dragonflight’s Patch 10.1.

Now with the first datamineable Patch 10.0.7 build, the Campaign database file has been updated with a new entry named “The Forbidden Reach” with the following internal description:

10.0.7 Dragonflight – Narrative Arc – Forbidden Reach – Max – Underground Foreshadowing – EJC

The underground zone remains a mystery and we don’t know anything about it. Will there be an Old God? Is it related to Galakrond and the Black Dragonflight? Let us know your wild guesses in the comments down below.