The Professions overhaul in Dragonflight introduced multiple secondary crafting and gathering stats, but what exactly do they mean and why are they relevant? Find out more about deftness, inspiration, multicraft, resourcefulness, finesse, and more, in our latest post.

Secondary Crafting Stats

Crafting Speed

The stat increases your crafting speed by x%. Ideal for those who create tons of items to sell them in the Auction House.


You craft items at various quality in Dragonflight and Inspiration increases your chance to become inspired and craft an item at a higher quality than your current crafting skill would allow. For those with maxed out crafting skill, the crafted item will have better stats.


Increases your chance to craft additional items by a percentage. When you craft an item, you will have an x% chance to create an additional copy of that item. This only works for stackable items.


Decreases material costs of an item by a percentage. Every item has fixed crafting requirements and Resourcefulness will decrease the amount of reagents by x%.

Secondary Gathering Stats

Gathering stats will only affect Herbalism, Mining, and Skinning.


Increases gathering speed by x%, which means you will mine/collect herbs/skin faster.


Gives you a x% chance to find additional herbs/ore/leather.


Increases your chance to find rare herbs/ores/leather by a x%.