A new patch always brings with it some strange new bugs and interactions, which is perfect for some meme and funny image generation! To start out, some players have been noticing the draw distance and how far out you can see Mount Hyjal or the Silithus sword, and despite the pre-patch not having changed that (it has only been increased in the Dragon Isles), a pretty solid series of memes spawned from the topic.

We’re starting off with the soon-to-be classic, as the draw distance has revealed what was there all along:

The next one is a little specific, as the author describes it as a 6-month subscription mount looming in the distance:

And few things in life are complete without a yo mama joke:

Then we have some of your more usual patch woes, but very much accentuated by the UI redesign this time:

While not exactly a meme, this talent name/icon combo was perfectly chosen:

The new talent tree has really segmented the reddit community:

The latest animated short brought a potentially solid reaction meme fodder image as well:

And Youtube’s automatic captioning also provided some levity:

And for the penultimate entry, a classy one:

The final one isn’t actually pre-patch related, but does connect to the first meme in here, so it gets to stay so we can have a nice wrap-around. A player updated the old “every main expansion villain” image for Shadowlands recently, but MedicalMoose thought it wasn’t quite lore-accurate: