The pre-patch aka the season of almost anything being possible continues, as the very chaotic mix of Shadowlands’ and Dragonflight’s expansion systems intermingle and we keep getting impressive and previously impossible feats! We recently saw the 5 hour Rygelon solo and this time around we have the final boss of the expansion getting humiliated, as the Fated version of the Jailer got downed by only three people on Normal and five on Heroic difficulty, as spotted by!

First off we have Durendil, Thuralion and Thýx taking the Normal version down a while ago, which then inspired HeroicSolo to get a very slightly bigger group for the harder version. This particular kill actually came along with all other Fated bosses being 3-manned as well, with Denathrius and Sylvanas actually having being downed before the pre-patch.

Then we have the main event, as HeroicSolo, Durendil, Mulini, Teori and Ørnus took down the Heroic version, with only 33 tries and a couple of hours needed, some crazy Guardian Druid DPS, two Beast Mastery Hunters, a bit of Demon Hunter Darkness and a Shaman’s Spirit Link Totem:

You can check out the details on how they did it over on, as the players went through the details of both kills there. We hope to see more weird kills from this group and from the pre-patch in general!