Uldir Tips & Tricks

Hello! Kistler here, back with this tier’s short rundown of Raid Tips & Tricks for Battle for Azeroth’s first raid: Uldir. Happy raiding!
Italicized mechanics still need confirmation, and as always, this page will continue to be updated as more of the Mythic content is seen and experienced. Please let me know in the comments section if there is a missing interaction you think should be included.

Taloc the Corrupted:

  • CloS does NOT remove Malodorous Miasma but DOES work to prevent the application of Putrid Paroxysm if used 1-2 seconds before Miasma expires/would normally progress into Paroxysm.
  • Feint works on Shockwave Stomp.
    • Utilize Shadowstep or Grappling Hook while mid-air (you are not pacified/stunned) to maximize boss up-time.
  • CloS prevents prevents damage from Rotting Regurgitation.

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  1. Janklin

    Wasn’t sure where to post this but if you’re a Night Elf and have the Shrouded Suffocation trait shadowmeld will proc the extra combo points and bonus damage from the trait. You will not gain the bonus from the Subterfuge talent though

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    1. majesstic

      While this is true, I can’t think of any case where this is better than using CloS at the end of Omega Vector to prevent a Lingering Infection stack. Fewer stacks = less damage from all boss abilities (true for all difficulties), and lower likelihood of causing extra raid damage during Contagion at 6+ stacks (mythic only).

  3. Fimbulvtr

    On Mother, your first second of cloak will provide immunity to the raid wide damage when people cross to the next room. Good for mythic when there are lots of people crossing at once.

    I’ve also heard on Mythrax you can pre-cast cloak to not be affected by Imminent Ruin so it can be useful popping it at the start of the fight to not risk having to run away from the boss if you do get it.

  4. Perfecthair

    Kinda obvious one, but I don’t see it listed and it can be pretty useful.

    On Mythrax, you can cloak to avoid the big damage dump that happens on phase transitions from Xalzaix’s Awakening. This can make healer’s jobs a lot easier in healing the raid up, and can also save your ass if you’re got more stacks than you’d like to have because of imminent ruin RNG.

  5. Stormyn

    I failed some times with the “Eye Beam” mechanic on Zek, because Grapple did not work while affected, you can run/sprint, but can’t grapple.

    1. majesstic

      I was able to grapple out with Eye Beam once on Normal, but I haven’t tried again. Even if you can grapple, it takes too much time for it to be really effective. Sprint is pretty effective on Normal. But on Heroic and Mythic, where the timer for Eye Beam is shorter, movement abilities don’t really work.

      On Mythic, having the whole group pre-spread for Eye Beam is a must. (It’s also a pain in the butt when you’ve got adds and shadow donuts at the same time.) There’s just no time or room for the targeted player to run out. Aside from pre-spreading, our group just has the Eye Beam targets stand still and nearby players sidestep them if they’re not already out of range.

      TL;DR – there’s not really a way for rogues to cheese this one except on Normal. 🙁

  6. Charsii

    At Vectis, CloS Removes the damage taken from Omega Vector and if u use it at 2-3 sec left on your Omega Vector you dont get a Stack of Lingering Infection. Same mechanic as fetid with Putrid Paroxysm.


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