Assassination Guide

Assassination is a spec based around bleeding and poisoning your enemies.

Marks an enemy for death for 20 seconds, increasing the damage you deal with your abilities and auto attacks to your target by 30%.


Seal Fate
When you critically strike with a melee attack that generates combo points, you gain an additional combo point per critical strike.


Venomous Wounds
You gain 7 energy each time you deal bleed damage to a poisoned target.


Mastery: Potent Poisons
Increases the damage dealt by your poisons by X%.


Fan of Knives
Spray knives at all targets within 10 yards, dealing physical damage and applying your active poisons at their normal rate. Awards 1 combo point, however, each hit is affected by Seal Fate.


Finishing move, dealing instant nature damage and increasing your poison application chance by 30%. Damage and duration are increased per combo point spent.


Finishing move, dealing bleed damage over time. Damage and duration are increased per combo point spent. Affected by Hemorrhage and Nightstalker.


Garrotes the enemy, causing Bleed damage over 18 seconds. Silences the target for 3 seconds when used from stealth. Affected by Hemorrhage and Nightstalker.


Main combo point builder.


Steps behind the target, granting you 70% increased movement speed for 2 seconds.


Poisoned Knife
Throws a knife at the target, dealing damage and applying active lethal and non-lethal poisons to the target.


Tier 15 talents

Tier 30 talents

Subterfuge is ahead due to the assassination T20 2-set bonus buffing Garrote when used from Stealth.

Tier 45 talents

Tier 60 talents

Every talent can be used depending on your job in the encounter.

Tier 75 talents

You will be using Thuggee as it resets the cooldown of Garrote, if the target which is affected by the ability dies. Internal Bleeding does have potential, but as we can’t stun 95% of the things in raids, Thuggee outshines it.

Tier 90 talents

Tier 100 talents


Single-target rotation

Your main priority will be keeping your Rupture up 100% of the time. If you end up having spare combo points, dump them into Envenom, however, don’t spam it, as you want to aim for as high an uptime on Envenom as possible.

Use Kingsbane as often as possible and make sure you have Toxic Blade available for the last 9 seconds of Kingsbane duration.

Use Vanish to apply Rupture as often as possible, when specced Nightstalker, unless you have Mantle of the Master Assassin, as then you cast Envenom.


Multi-target rotation

Keep Rupture up on your secondary targets, the more Ruptures, the better. Besides that, keep doing your single target rotation on your main target, whilst keeping the debuff up.

For 1-2 targets, you use Mutilate as your combo-point generator.

For 3+ targets, you use Fan of Knives as your combo-point generator due to Seal Fate.


Agility > Mastery > Versatility > Crit > Haste*

* The stat priority will change a lot, depending on the values of your secondary stats. You don’t want to get too much of stat A, as then stat B will outshine it. Sim your character to see upgrades!


Neck enchant: Mark of the Hidden Satyr

Ring enchant: Depends on your stat. Use a “Binding of x stat.”

Cloak enchant: Binding of Agility


Flask: Flask of the Seventh Demon

Potion: Potion of the Old War

Note: If you have  Zoldyck Family Training Shackles they will change which potion you will use in the execute phase; when the effect of these goes into play, Potion of Prolonged Power becomes better than Potion of the Old War.

Food: Stat food, choose whatever stat is valued highest for you.

Zoldyck Family Training Shackles:  

These will change what potion you use in execute phase; as when the effect of these goes into play, then Potion of Prolonged Power will become better.

Mantle of the Master Assassin:
With this legendary a few things will change. With Nightstalker you want to Vanish -> Envenom instead of Vanish -> Rupture.   

The Assassination artifact is The Kingslayers. This artifact grants us the ability: Kingsbane. We can store 3 relics in our artifact, one each of Shadow, Iron, and Blood.

Our artifact tree looks like this:


What traits do we get and what do they do?

This section does not include simple damage increases to spells.

Urge to kill
Casting Vendetta gives you 60 energy and then an additional 60 energy two seconds later.


Blood of the Assassinated
Rupture has a chance to infect your target, increasing damage dealt by your Rupture by 100% for 10 seconds.


Bag of Tricks
Envenom has a 2.5% chance per combo point, to smash a vial of poison beneath the target, creating a pool of acid that deals nature damage over 3 seconds to all enemies within it.


Surge of Toxins
Finishing moves increases the poison damage that you deal to the target by 10% for 5 seconds.


From the Shadows
Casting Vendetta on your target unleashes a barrage of poisoned daggers at the target, dealing Nature damage over 20 seconds.


Shadow Swiftness
Casting Shadowstep gives you Evasion for 2 seconds.


Artifact build path

This will show you the optimal build path: how to get the most DPS out of your Artifact as fast as possible.

After 35 traits

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