Ravenholdt is the go-to resource for WoW players new and old looking to make the most of their rogue experience. We are the only fansite that brings together the brightest rogue player minds to focus exclusively on the class.

At Ravenholdt, you will find:

  • Guides and resources (primarily focused on PvE) for everything from the hardcore raider to players who are completely new to the class.
  • Active theorycrafting discussion, featuring top rogue math and theory mavens.
  • A class Discord for conversation about the issues that matter most to our class.
  • Blogs, class news updates and analyses from experienced, knowledgeable rogue players.

The team that brings you Ravenholdt is a close-knit community of like-minded WoW players who care deeply about the rogue class and want to help people get the most out of playing a rogue.

Paryah (@One_Rogue): Ravenholdt founder, compulsive list maker, collector of rogue resources and news, occasional blogger and current owner of the Ravenholdt site.

Stjern (@StjernRogue): Current owner of Ravenholdt Discord and the author of Stjern’s Guides.

Rfeann (@SvelteKumquat): Ravenholdt founder, former author of Wowhead‘s rogue DPS starter’s guides, author of the rogue chapter of BradyGames’ Warlords of Draenor strategy guide, rogue columnist for Blizzard Watch, and expert modeler of le chapeau rouge.

Aethys (@AethysDev): A top theorycrafter who runs the Ravenholdt Theorycrafting site with Mystler.

Don Jose: Blogger and lead moderator on the Ravenholdt Discord.

Aeriwen (@confusingbits) contributes to the development of ShadowCraft.

Gray_hound (@Bit_Hound) is the author of the rogue guides on Wowhead. He is also a moderator on the Ravenholdt Discord and maintains a spreadsheet detailing rogue relics.

Kistler is from Damage Networks on Stormrage and writes our Raid Tips & Tricks series.

Mystler (@Mystler) is currently the lead programmer on ShadowCraft. Along with Aethys, he also runs the Ravenholdt Theorycrafting site.

Notter is a theorycrafter, co-author of our Assassination Guide, and author of Notter’s Rogue WeakAuras Compilation.

Loktark maintains our Outlaw Guide.

Tamen (@tamenctr) is a web developer who has worked extensively on the ShadowCraft UI.

wEak is co-author of our Assassination Guide and maintains our Subtlety Guide.


Website design:

  • Gilbert Carino


Much thanks and appreciation to former contributors to Ravenholdt:

Fierydemise (@Fierydemise): Founder

Haileaus (@Haileaus): Founder

Coryn: Site design

Hubbins: Site design

Rare: blogger (Rogue DPS Guide) and Despot on the Ravenholdt Discord.

Tumna (@Ferrante520) former co-author of our Assassination Guide.

If you are interested in writing a blog or contributing to the website, please contact Paryah on the Ravenholdt Discord or at paryah @ ravenholdt.net.

If problems with or questions about ShadowCraft, or if you’d like to volunteer to help out with ShadowCraft, please contact Mystler at shadowcraft @ ravenholdt.net or on the ShadowCraft Discord.

If you have a tip for our news column, please shoot an email to fans @ ravenholdt.net.

For problems with this site, please contact Paryah on the Ravenholdt Discord or at paryah @ ravenholdt.net.

Most contributors can be contacted through the Ravenholdt Discord.